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There are three common ways to publish a book today: traditional “Big Five” publishers, small presses, and self-publishing.

At Pallas Press, we’re introducing a fourth option, something entirely different: We call it partnership publishing.

We’re not a vanity press, but we’re not a traditional press, either. We’re doing something new.

The rise of self-publishing has made it easy for anyone to put out a book (usually badly!). It’s also made it tough for “real” publishers to stay in business. People don’t want to pay money for books when they can get self-published Kindle editions for free.

So, we’ve come up with a middle ground. You, the author, choose how you want to publish.

We offer a wide range of options to fit your book and your situation—from providing basic editing at competitive rates so you can publish your book yourself (and not worry about typos and humiliation!) to the full-on, small press experience, with marketing, book signings, and all the bells and whistles. What you get is up to you.

Take a look at our selection of publishing packages, all of which can be customized to work for you. Contact us today for a free, personalized quote.

What We Are:

  • A new kind of publisher: We offer editorial services OR partnership, based on the author’s preference.
  • Staffed by professional editors: Each of our employees has at least 10 to 20 years of experience in trade publishing, not self-publishing. All our editors are freelance and still work other jobs in traditional publishing. We do this on purpose. Our editors have the real-world experience and talent you need AND we can pair the right professional with the right author to create the best book possible.
  • Demanding: When we take on a partnership title, we won’t just print your book “as is;” it has to live up to our standards at all levels. Though we WILL offer editorial services to any paying customer, we do NOT accept every book submitted for publication by our small press.
  • Starting a trend: We are traditional publishers who are trying to stop self-publishing from continuing a slow decline in the quality of modern literature. We may not be able to beat self-publishing, but we CAN change the rules and force everyone to do it just a little bit better!
  • Adding value: Unlike a vanity or subsidy press, we do NOT accept every book submitted. That means we can only take on a select number of titles each year, like a traditional press. We take the time and effort to create the value your book needs and deserves—to produce a work of literature that elevates the marketplace instead of dragging it down.
  • Changing the face of publishing: When we’re done with your book (and we’ll expect you to put in plenty of work revising it alongside our professional editors!), you’ll know you’re on the same level as any traditionally published author. Your book will have gone through as much, if not more, editing than you’ll get with a regular press. And you’ll have the backing and legitimacy of a “real” publishing house behind you as you go forward and try to sell your book. That means you won’t have to be ashamed to tell your friends and family that you self-published, because you WON’T be self-published.

What We Are NOT:

  • A vanity press: If you just want to see your name on a book, we’re not the publishing house for you. We expect our authors to hone their craft, working with our editors to revise and improve their work until it meets our very high standards. If you already think you’re Shakespeare, we’re not the right place for you.
  • A Big Five publisher: We don’t have the reputation or the resources (yet!) to turn you into a best-selling author overnight (sorry!). As much as we’d love for that to happen, we know the reality of marketing a book is less overnight success, more uphill slog through the mud. But if you choose to publish with us, we’ll be there to hold your hand and help you sell your book, day in and day out, the whole way.
  • Self-publishers: We may be the only company of our kind, with “real” editors who have NO direct experience in the world of self-publishing. All of our staff members come from (and still work in) traditional publishing, unlike the staff at most subsidy/vanity presses, whose publishing experience often boils down to uploading a non-edited Word document to Amazon and declaring themselves published writers.

What You Need to Know Before You Publish:

  • All writing—yours included, even if you’re the greatest writer in the history of humankind—needs to be edited, revised, and then edited again. No first draft has ever been good enough to publish. Period.
  • Editors are highly trained professionals—real editors, that is. Not just anybody (like your aunt Sally or your lunch buddy at work) can do a good job shaping the draft of your book into the masterpiece it might one day become.
  • The draft you wrote is only a starting point. It takes time and work to turn a manuscript into something that people will not only want to read but will be willing to pay to read. If you think you’re “above” doing this work and putting in the time, you’re not a real writer. At Pallas Press, we only want to work with real writers, the kind who know that writing is hard work—but worth every bead of sweat that goes into it!
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