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Birds of Brookside Manor: Reading Guide

1. How traumatic do you think Beverly’s situation really is—losing her husband, being left with a mountain of debt, having to move to a new place? How do you think you would adjust under similar circumstances?

2. How would you describe Beverly’s relationship with her sister, Eve? Why do you think there is so much tension between them?

3. Do you believe Beverly and David really loved each other? How much do you think Beverly’s changing feelings toward her late husband over the course of the book are a result of his betrayal? How much of the change is about her finally seeing the truth?

4. Why does Beverly become so obsessed with birds? Can you imagine ever experiencing such an elaborate obsession/delusion yourself?

5. Beverly’s medical tests come back clear, but do you think there is something wrong with her nonetheless? Does this make her an unreliable narrator?

6. What role does Jack play in Beverly’s story? What about Michael?

7. How much of the narrative is real? What do you believe did and didn’t happen?

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