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The Birds of Brookside Manor: A Novel
by Addison L. Jones

Paperback $14.99
ISBN 978-0-9857055-4-1

Ebook $4.99
ISBN 978-0-9857055-1-0

334 pages

The Birds of Brookside Manor
by author Addison L. Jones

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Beverly Grady may just be the world’s loneliest woman. Her husband is dead, she hates her sister, and she has no friends—other than the birds she watches every day in her yard.

When she finds out her late husband left behind mountains of debt, she has no choice but to downgrade her lifestyle, moving from her dream house to a cheap apartment in nearby Brookside Manor.

Befriended by the colorful locals, Beverly starts to learn—for the first time in her life—that there may be more to life than birdwatching. But there’s also more to Brookside Manor than meets the eye, and you’ll never believe the secret it’s hiding.

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