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Murdoch’s Tale: Book 1 of Corwin’s Chronicle

Murdoch’s Tale: Book 1 of Corwin’s Chronicle
by T F Gray

Ebook $4.99

Murdoch’s Tale: Book 1 of Corwin’s Chronicle

In the time of Richard Lionheart, during the bloody Border Wars between England and Scotland, Tovan, a faer (or “faery,” as we quetan call them), rescues a little boy named Corwin from the massacre of his village.

Tormented by recurring nightmares of that day, Corwin struggles to answer Tovan’s question: “Why do you quetan do this?” His quest is perhaps a hopeless one: to end war, so that no child will ever again have to endure such trauma.

Studying with Philippe, a troubadour, Corwin learns that stories can change the world. He begins to create his own tale, the story of Murdoch, orphaned by war like himself, but a heroic figure, not the dreamer in a family of blacksmiths.

But this happy, creative time is not to last. Tragedy hurls him from the world of the quetan and into the realm of the faer.


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