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Our Books: We Care About Writing

At Blydyn Square Books, we put out only a select few titles each year. We believe there’s more to literature than just selling tons of books (although that certainly is a bonus). We believe in more than making a profit. We actually care about writing.

Too many publishers today seem to care only about how many copies of a book they can sell. They look for a famous name and an appeal to the lowest common denominator, ignoring the fact that most of the writing in the books they produce is of terrible quality.

What’s even worse is that many people don’t even seem to notice. They read whatever publishers tell them is good, and they assume that the writers they read are talented—even if it’s not the truth.

Writing isn’t just about getting people to dish out ever-larger sums of money for a flashy cover with a famous name or charging ever-higher prices for an ebook. Publishers who try to get people to buy books that have no value are the same as old-time con men traveling the countryside selling fake tonics and snake oil. At Blydyn Square Books, we believe in adhering to a higher standard.

Writing is about more than making a quick buck. Writing is supposed to be a snapshot for posterity—it shows who we are, both individually and a society, at a particular moment in time.

At Blydyn Square Books, we seek out writers who can produce the kind of writing that speaks to people, makes them think, and makes them believe that our world can and should be a better—and smarter—place.

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