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The Other Son

Coming in 2020!

By Allan Avidano

Coming in 2020!

After literally running into a beautiful woman named Maddy in Central Park, Sean is so thrilled to have met his soul mate that he accepts Maddy’s quirkiness, her steadfast virginity, and even the mysterious doctors who watch her from behind tinted car windows. But when she tells him that she’s pregnant, things get complicated.

Meanwhile, embryologist Khodadad Jal, who finds his demanding Shi’ite faith challenged by the modern world, struggles to reconcile his Muslim beliefs with his scientific reasoning and comes to realize there is only one way to escape God’s will: by surrendering to it.  

Two worlds collide in Sean’s humble Soho apartment when Dr. Jal performs an emergency caesarean to bring Maddy’s peculiar baby—a boy who would never have existed without Jal’s efforts—into the world.


Release Date: Coming Soon in 2020!

302 Pages, Paperback, Ebook

ISBN (paperback): 978-1-7320156-9-2

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-7322567-0-5