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Services We Provide:

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Book Doctoring/Critiques/Editing for Independent Authors:
If you’ve already written your masterpiece and are hoping to shop it out to agents and publishers or publish it yourself, our seasoned editors can help shape your manuscript and prepare it for publication. We go through your manuscript with a fine-toothed comb, searching for plot holes, inconsistencies, underdeveloped characters, and anything else that can ruin an otherwise excellent story.

Whether your project is already complete or only in the outline stage, we can analyze your work, highlight its strengths and weaknesses, and help you produce text that will stand out from the pack when you’re ready to publish. You mined the gemstone; let us polish it for you.

Our staff writers have many years of experience producing all kinds of writing, from novels to articles to poetry to nonfiction, both adult and juvenile. We take great pride in doing extensive research so that our work will be of the highest quality possible.

Ghost Writing:
As the old saying goes, everyone has a book inside them, just waiting to get out. We believe it’s true that everybody has a story to tell, but we also know that few people have the experience, confidence, or skill to tell their story for themselves.

We can work with you to craft a narrative that you’ll be proud to publish under your own name. Whether your project is a memoir, a family history, or the great American novel, we have the expertise to take your ideas and vision and help you bring the book inside you out into the world.

Business Writing:
Effective writing is an important part of business communication, but few people have the training or background to do it well. From business plans to employee training materials to brochures and newsletters, we can work with you to produce the documents you need to help your business grow and prosper.

We can also help refine and improve your PowerPoint and other business presentations, or we can take your ideas and research and develop effective presentations for you.

We can handle all aspects of the editorial process. From content and developmental editing to copy and line editing to proofreading, indexing, and fact checking, we provide the most detail-oriented services in the publishing industry.

Our editors are experts in all of the most commonly used publishing style guides, including Chicago, AMA, APA, and AP, or we can work with your company’s own in-house style guide.

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