Quiet Hearts
by Martin

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120 pages

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Quiet Hearts
by Martin

Addiction to booze or drugs, food, sex, gambling, spending—any addiction—falls upon the furniture, the finances and the futures of intimates and bystanders, agents and innocents. Recovery, famously a process, is itself not orderly, linear or tidy. It is by turns exhilarating and frightening, with a frequently tentative and murky destination.

Quiet Hearts is a window on recovery for those who didn’t invite the mess, didn’t foresee the fallout and don’t trust the consequences of their loved one’s recovery from “their” disease. By neither desire nor design, recovery is destined to be a communal experience for ill and for good.

Quiet Hearts is not a map. It’s one man’s mirror that will perhaps offer others a lens to discern their lot, their hope, their joy, their freedom.

About the Author

By the grace of dear friends and the light of Heaven, Martin has been sober 10,000 days–one day at a time.