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Although Blydyn Square Books is open to new submissions January 1 through June 1 each year, authors should be aware that, because we are so small and publish only one or two new titles a year, our publication schedule is currently already full through 2023. If you hope to publish before 2024, we suggest that you not try to submit to us before January 2021. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Submitting Your Work:

Blydyn Square Books is always eager to discover the work of new authors, people who might think they have no shot at getting a contract from a bigger publishing house but who have true talent and something interesting to say. We’re looking for writers who can make us—and our readers—think.

Please note: Our reading period is from January through June, so please try to avoid sending your manuscript during our off-season, which will make the process of reviewing it even slower than usual.

Blydyn Square Books accepts submissions in all of the following genres:

• Fiction (including literary, historical, and women’s fiction)

• Nonfiction (including memoir, biography, history, science/health/medicine, psychology/self-help, spirituality, business/success)

In general, we don’t publish romance, fantasy, science fiction, short-story collections, or poetry. We also don’t publish novellas or works under about 65,000 words.

To submit your work for consideration, please email a cover letter and the first 50 pages (in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment; we will NOT open attachments) to, or mail a hard copy to:

Megan Skamwell, Acquisitions Editor
Blydyn Square Books
PO Box 412, Kenilworth, NJ 07033


Please note: Despite what most other publishers and agents will tell you, cover letters are NOT very important. In our experience, we’ve noticed that the kind of person who can write a great cover letter generally can’t write much else. So keep the cover letter short and simple: Tell us who you are, what kind of book you’re submitting, and a very brief summary of what it’s about. Don’t try to wow us with your letter-writing skills. Use your real talent to write the book, not the stupid letter.

Just make sure you proofread your letter—with your actual eyes, not spell-check. If you can’t spell your name (or ours) correctly, chances are you won’t be getting a contract from Blydyn Square Books.

And please don’t use the same boiler-plate text you use for every submission you send out. If you mention seeking “representation” when you’re approaching a publisher rather than an agent, it’s a dead giveaway that you haven’t bothered to proof your letter!

Submissions should be double-spaced. Manuscripts may be formatted in any font that’s easy to read (we happen to like Arial 12-point, because it’s easy to edit, but it’s up to you).

Please allow at least 3 months for a response. We may be a small press with only a few books in the pipeline at any given time, but that also means we have a small (though brilliant and dedicated) staff working to read through a lot of submissions.

If you have not received a reply after 6 months, feel free to follow up by email ( Please don’t call the Blydyn Square Books office. We’re reclusive book nerds; we’re shy and don’t like talking to people all that much.

If you absolutely need to speak to one of us directly, please contact our director of marketing ( He’ll help you out. The rest of us will be deep in the stacks of books, hiding from the world. Hey, it’s what we do.

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