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Blydyn Square Books is a small press with a mission: to make people think.

It’s pretty obvious that our world is in serious trouble. Idiots are everywhere and common sense has gone missing. No matter where you look, people seem to have forgotten how to think. So we’ve made it our mission to remind them how—and to inspire those rare souls who already remember.

You might not like everything you read in our books. Some of it might even make you angry. Good! Get angry, get fired up, get inspired. Just get thinking. We won’t promise that our books will make you smarter, but they sure won’t hurt. So try putting down the phone for a while and start reading instead. And, most of all, start thinking.

We put out only a select few titles each year. We believe there’s more to literature than just selling tons of books (although that certainly is a bonus). We believe in more than making a profit. We actually care about writing. Too many publishers today seem to care only about how many copies of a book they can sell. Most big publishers only care about authors with a famous name and books that appeal to the lowest common denominator, without any consideration of quality. Meanwhile, most self-publishers click “Upload to Amazon” immediately after typing “The End” on their first draft, without bothering to do any revisions or editing.

Even worse, people don’t seem to notice. The few who still read simply accept whatever publishers offer, never demanding something better. Publishers who try to get people to buy books that have no value are just like old-time con men traveling the countryside selling fake tonics and snake oil. At Blydyn Square Books, we believe in adhering to a higher standard. We seek out writers who can produce the kind of work that speaks to people, makes them think, and allows us all to believe that our world can and should be a better—and smarter—place.

We take submissions January 1 – May 31.

We’re always eager to discover the work of new authors, people who might think they have no shot at getting a contract from a bigger publishing house but who have true talent and something interesting to say. We’re looking for writers who can make us—and our readers—think.

Please make sure to visit our Submission Guidelines page if you are interested in working with us. Also, read the overall page to make sure you don’t miss any details and if you have any questions afterwards, feel free to reach out through our Contact form.

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