Welcome to Blydyn Square Review—the literary magazine that makes you think!


Blydyn Square Review is the first literary magazine in history to accept only blind submissions: We don’t allow cover letters, names, summaries, or any other identifying information to be submitted—only the writing itself, pasted into the body of an email. The only thing we will know about the author is his/her email, and absolutely nothing else. (See our Submissions Guidelines, below, for more details.)

Blind submissions allow us to create the first-ever literary level playing field. We can’t choose someone because they went to our alma mater or reject someone because we had a bad ex with the same first name or for some other silly (and totally non-writing-related) reason. Our submissions process is completely groundbreaking: Every writer’s work will truly stand on its own merits alone.


Blydyn Square Review is published online twice a year, fall and spring—that’s two issues jam-packed with thought-provoking content each year.

Anything goes when it comes to content, as long as it makes you think. We’ll publish short fiction, creative nonfiction, persuasive topical essays, poetry, or whatever else you’ve got. We’re even publishing novels in serial format. It worked for Charles Dickens, so why not us?