Blydyn Square Books is a small press with a mission: to make people think.

Blydyn Square Books was founded in the suburban Philadelphia area by an editor who was tired of editing the same old books on the same dull topics over and over again (she estimates that she’s worked on at least 10 biographies of George Washington in her career so far). She decided to start a publishing house to put out the kind of books she would like to edit and—even more important—the kind of books she would like to read.

So, what kind of books are they? In short, anything goes: fiction, nonfiction—it doesn’t really matter. There’s only one thing required to qualify as a Blydyn Square book: Be smart.

When we say “smart,” we don’t mean snooty and pretentious. Frankly, most of what passes for “smart” literature these days doesn’t make sense. People read it and don’t understand it and, because they’re afraid they’ll appear dumb, they declare it “smart” and “innovative.” If you’ve read that kind of book, you know what we mean. But just being weird doesn’t make something smart or thought-provoking. Something is smart if it makes you smart—that is, if it makes you think.

A lot of people today seem to have forgotten that we all have this three-pound thing sitting inside our heads. It’s called a “brain.” And guess what? You’re supposed to use it. At Blydyn Square Books, our goal is to produce books that make you think. Have you driven the streets lately? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that not too many people seem to be thinking all that much. In fact, most people seem to be complete morons—not to mention really bad drivers.

At Blydyn Square Books, we’re fed up with those people. We’re tired of the stupidity, the laziness, and all the excuses (“It’s not my fault; it’s society . . . or my mother . . . or my wife . . . or my boss . . . or whatever . . .”). We believe the world is in serious trouble. We believe people have forgotten how to think. So we’ve made it our mission to remind them how—and to inspire those rare souls who already remember.

You might not like everything you read in our books. Some of it might even make you angry. Good! Get angry, get fired up, get inspired. Just get thinking. We won’t promise that our books will make you smarter, but they won’t hurt. So try turning off the TV and start reading. And, most of all, start thinking. It’ll make you feel good (and all the cool kids are doing it—or, at least, they will be soon, if we have any say in the matter).