I am not an avid reader so a book really has to keep my attention in order for me to finish it and enjoy it. From the very beginning, it did just that. I absolutely love this author’s sarcasm and sense of humor, and I felt like it made him and the book very relatable.

Heartfelt ReadKayla A.

I guess it’s the feeling of putting life into something that used to be nothing. Learning about people’s interesting life stories makes you feel realize just how much we are all connected somehow.

ConnectionsNontobeko Mandisa Magwaza

The invention of everything has been a great read. Told from the writer’s point of view, it takes a deep dive into his experiences. It has an amazing array of tales craftily blended into one cohesive book.

Very InformativeVictor Cutlass

I read this book and finished feeling like it contained all the talks I wish I would’ve had with my father or uncles: all the charming, folksy facts and stories I wish they would’ve told me, all the hard-won wisdom I wish they would’ve imparted, and so much practical knowledge I wish they would’ve passed down.

Practical KnowledgeMelyne

Very well written by one who had anything but a quiet heart before getting to a place to write such words. A thoughtful read.

Thoughtful ReadAmazon Reader

The authors ability to share his story sans self pity or muck raking is a relief. With much clarity and insight into the human condition, albeit flawed.

DepthAmazon Reader

This is a well written and to the point book. It is easy to read, thought provoking and in my case one that touched a lot of memories.

Easy ReadMichael D. Colburn

I’m so glad I found this “companion piece,” it will be so helpful to not just me, but many others, I’m sure.

Fresh AirMolly McElroy
That EndingCasey R. Sparks
InspirtationalAmazon Reader

Where many books fall short in the writing and publishing aspects, it is a well-crafted novel.

Well CraftedBrian Souder

This book was well-written and kept my attention throughout.

Kept My AttentionBeth P

It’s hard to imagine this is Coralee’s first book. What a wonderful look inside the misunderstood mind of a complex character. Wow. Just. Wow.

Found Her Calling

Gotta read this book!!! It made me think that I knew the characters and wanted to help them through their adventures. The ending was sure a surprise and I feel like there should be a series with the characters and their adventures.

Great ReadJenn Glenn

Gripping! I literally couldn’t put it down. The storyline was great and the characters were so real, it made me feel like I knew them all my life. Did not expect the ending though, which was almost the best part!

Must ReadLisa M. Jones