They Don’t Call It the Submission Process for Nothing

  • What actually goes on behind the curtain of "being published?" How does it feel when you get your advance? Is it fun? Exciting? Does it involve riches, fame, and groupies? Inside They Don't Call It the Submission Process for Nothing, you'll discover what it's really like to finally bash down the seemingly impenetrable walls of the publishing industry and see your book in bookstores. Then there’s the book tour, radio interviews, signing events, speaking engagements, your face on promotional posters... Is it a dream come true? Or a hilarious nightmare? Now’s your chance to find out.  Whether you’re a writer or a reader, author Prioleau Alexander’s hilarious memoir will tell you the things you aren’t supposed to know... and why no one behind the curtain ever spills the beans about how things really work. Is there a reason for that? Let’s just say they don't call it the submission process for nothing.