Putnam Cover

The Putnams of Salem

A Novel of Power and Betrayal During the Salem Witch Trials

By Greg Houle

How far would you go to protect your family?

It’s 1692, and the people of Salem, Massachusetts, are on edge. Amid squabbles over religion and land and fears of hostile natives lurks the ever-present terror of the devil’s influence. When young girls suddenly begin to claim they are being tormented by local “witches,” a chilling hysteria grips the town. At the center of the maelstrom is one family, headed by the well-respected Thomas Putnam, whose daughter Ann happens to be one of the accusing girls. Survival, betrayal, and the binding ties of a family’s darkest elements converge as we uncover the haunting secrets that bind the Putnams’ legacy.


  • Blydyn Square Books

Release Date: September 2024

333 Pages, Paperback, Ebook

ISBN (paperback): 979-8-8691-2320-6

ISBN (ebook): 979-8-8691-2321-3