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Tara Tomczyk

Author of 100 Great Writing Prompts for Kids, Write Something Everyday, and Secrets Most Writers and Publishers Won’t Tell You

Editor in chief Tara Tomczyk has been a professional writer and editor for over 24 years. She began her career at Enslow Publishers in New Jersey, where she specialized in editing nonfiction books for the young adult market, working primarily as a history, social studies, and biography editor. She then moved to McGraw-Hill, where she developed textbooks and other educational materials. She has also worked for Chelsea House Publishers/Facts on File, where she served as the executive editor in charge of science books.

In 2005, she started her own editorial services company, eventually narrowing her focus to publishing books and ebooks, as she helped launch Blydyn Square Books. Tara’s favorite part of her job is discovering talented new writers—especially people who have never been published before—and working with them over the years to develop their writing.

Email Tara: Tara@BlydynSquareBooks.com